Appealing an BP Oil Spill Claim Denial

British Petroleum Plc (BP) set up a settlement program to accommodate claims of economic and individual losses as a result of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion which occurred in April 2010 about three months after.

This seemed like a sincere attempt by the oil company to compensate those who were affected by the incident. All they had to do was to join the program and give up the right to sue BP individually. It seemed like an easy and quick solution to a serious problem as a personal injury or business economic loss lawsuit would have dragged on for months, even years, and there was no guarantee of success.

However, it wasn’t long before claimants discovered that making a claim was not as easy as it first appeared. Based on the terms of the settlement program, BP reserved the right to challenge all claims over a certain amount, and the company exercised this right with extreme vigor. A BP claim appeal lawyer may point out that BP successfully denies three-quarters of all claims made to the settlement program.

The program does provide for an appeal for those whose claims against the settlement program had been denied, but it is structured in such a way that the typical appellant will have a difficult time abiding by the tight schedule. As a result, those who chose to trust in BP’s good faith and conform to the program’s guidelines without legal counsel found themselves denied any compensation and barred from filing a lawsuit against the company.

If your BP oil spill claim has been denied, it would be unwise to try to appeal it on your own unless you have the legal training to do it properly. Consult with an experienced BP oil spill claim appeal lawyer to get proper legal representation and assistance.

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