Motorcycle Insurance in Iowa

Operators of all vehicles have a responsibility to acquire some type of financial coverage in cases of accidents. All drivers of motor vehicles are required by law to have a state-mandated minimum liability insurance policy for their vehicles to cover property damage or personal injury to a third party. Motorcycle operators, on the other hand, are not required to have insurance in all states, such as Iowa. However, it is required in Iowa that the motorcycle operator has some type of financial responsibility documentation. Failure to present this at the time of an accident can result in penalties such as license and/or registration suspension or revocation.

The reason that motorcycle insurance is not required in Iowa because in most cases motorcycle operators are the ones that suffer injury when in collision with another vehicle, even another motorcycle. However, it is the smart motorcycle operator who obtains some type of personal injury protection to cover their medical expenses if and when they get injured in motorcycle accidents.

It should be noted that insurers of motorcycles are not always falling all over themselves to make payouts when accidents do occur. According to the website of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, Iowa has no helmet law, so this is a common disqualifier for insurance claims if the policyholder was injured while not wearing a helmet. Lack of a Class L endorsement or headlights may also result in a denial of an insurance claim. Whatever the circumstances, it is highly probable that the insurer will strive minimize or deny a payout.

This can be a big problem in cases of serious injury because even if the motorcycle operator is not at fault, it can take some time for the at-fault party or the insurance company to pay for medical expenses and/or property damage and other losses. If you are having difficulty making a motorcycle insurance claim in Iowa, be sure to consult with an experienced Iowa motorcycle accident lawyer to assist you.

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