Non-Physical Effects of Negligent Injuries

Most people consider primarily the physical context of a negligent injury such as birth injuries like cerebral palsy or side effects from unapproved use of drugs like the atypical antipsychotic medication Risperdal. This is because the physical manifestations typically have corresponding medical and health costs.

For example, a child who acquires severe cerebral palsy from the improper use of birthing instruments will have difficulty controlling movement and may require lifetime care. The abnormal development of breasts on adolescent male patients (gynecomastia) with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) from using Risperdal may be treated through surgery or medication.

However, it is the psychological and damage which is greater in such injuries, especially since they affect growing children. People acquire confidence and social skills as they are growing up, and having these conditions severely hampers the child’s normal psychological and emotional development. In many cases with gynecomastia, which is not a life-threatening or disabling condition, sufferers get beat up, bullied, or teased because of the social stigma of having “man-boobs.” In some cases, the breasts develop asymmetrically or even produce milk, and for a teenage boy this can be devastating.

Children with cerebral palsy can also be an object of pity or ridicule, equally devastating in different ways. They are generally unable to develop regular friendships and avoid social situations where their disabilities are highlighted. The impact of both these conditions on the lives of the victims is long-term and difficult to quantify. These non-physical effects are why most birth injury or dangerous drug lawsuits include large awards for pain and suffering.

You must take into account the diminution of the child’s quality of life throughout their projected life span when demanding non-economic compensation. A Risperdal lawsuit would additionally take into account the costs associated with long-term psychiatric treatment. These are not frivolous considerations. For many victims of these types of negligent injury, pain and suffering is very real.

If you or your child has suffered negligent injury, you must demand compensation from the responsible parties. Consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer about your legal options.

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